Traditional vs NFC Business Cards


Eraneos (formerly Quint Holding BV) is a Dutch company that specializes in process management and quality assurance services. They help organizations optimize their business processes and achieve operational excellence. Eraneos is committed to innovation and sustainability, and they continuously seek new ways to enhance their brand visibility and networking efforts.


Eraneos faced a challenge with traditional business card exchange methods. They found it hard to keep track of the cards they received and often lost the ones they gave out. Moreover, paper-based cards did not align with their values of sustainability and innovation.


To overcome these challenges, Eraneos turned to TapToConnect, a provider of NFC business cards. TapToConnect's digital format allowed for quick and easy exchange of contact information, and the eco-friendly approach aligned with Eraneos's values.


Adopting TapToConnect's NFC business cards allowed Eraneos to improve their networking and branding efforts significantly. They found it easier to exchange contact information with their clients and partners, leading to increased efficiency and better follow-up. The modern and eco-friendly approach also received positive feedback from their contacts.


Leads generated


Happy employees


Trees saved

"As a company that values innovation and sustainability, we were impressed by TapToConnect's seamless and user-friendly solution. It allowed us to focus on our core business while enhancing our networking and branding efforts. We also appreciated their commitment to sustainability, which resonated with our values. We highly recommend TapToConnect to anyone looking for an eco-friendly and convenient alternative to traditional business cards."

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